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Dietitian & Psychologist Ebrar Delice was born in Istanbul in 1995. After completing his primary, secondary and high school education in Istanbul, he won the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at Yeditepe University. He was always interested in this science by observing the effect of the science of psychology on every aspect of human life and especially on the eating behaviors of people in relation to the nutrition department. She qualified to participate in the double major program in the Department of Psychology with her average success. She graduated from both departments of the university with high honors.


She did an internship in the fields of child nutrition and geriatrics at ÇAPA Medical Faculty Hospital. Yeditepe University Hospital, İstinye State Hospital, Sancaktepe Community Health Center, Prof. Dr. Koray Tekin Obesity Metabolic Surgery Center, Nişantaşı PIRILLA and Mediform Diet Consultancy Centers are among the places where she performed her internships.

He completed his Clinical Psychology internship at Naisa Psychological Counseling Center.


She carried out her undergraduate thesis with her researches on this subject under the title of “The Relationship Between Nutritional Status in Adolescents and Depression and Anxiety Status of Adolescents”.


She serves by focusing on weight control, nutrition-eating psychology, eating behavior, intuitive eating, nutrition therapy in diabetes and obesity, nutrition in chronic diseases, mother-child nutrition, and nutrition in adolescence. She continues her studies by attending many congresses, seminars and trainings.


Currently, in Pendik Istanbul, endocrinology department specialist Assoc. Dr.Yusuf Aydın's private clinic, she serves face-to-face and online service for her clients over the internet.

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