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Why Are We Here?


The specialist you need is not always available where you live, or, may have worked for a short time and left again. It is almost impossible to find a doctor who shares the same goals, passion, interests and medical conditions with you.

We can book an appointment for certain physicians weeks, sometimes months later, we drive there sometimes in a jammed traffic; then usually have a parking problem, and afterwards wait in line often in crowded environments and meet with our doctor for a short time. There are a lot of questions that we forgot to ask on our way home or may encounter other problems in the following days.


Due to many reasons, especially the time constraints of doctors, we may meet our doctors hardly or not at all, and we may not get satisfied with this service. Most of the time, 5-10 minutes of doctor visits are insufficient for the patient.

As the Genuine Medical Consultancy team, we aimed to meet you with the doctors that are difficult to reach. Since our doctors accept a limited number of patients, we can provide sufficient time and attention. Moreover, you can benefit from this service in the comfort of your home wherever you are in the world.


Our doctors are experts who accept patients internationally. Our aim is to keep the disease under control by facilitating the doctor-patient communication in situations that require regular follow-up such as diabetes, goiter, Hashimoto, in other words, to maintain the well-being of the person.


We create a qualified, privilidged and safe space for those who will meet with a doctor for the first time, and for those who seek a second or third physician opinion.

Genuine Medical Consultancy doctors are highly experienced and competent,  and have international reputation in their specialities. They have previously met hundreds, usually thousands, of patients with your disease and have provided high quality healthcare tailored to the particular patient in various health facilities.


Your doctor will notice your small problems early, and will facilitate the solution before creating serious problems. In addition to your immediate complaints, your consultant will allow you to deal easily with your problems such as diabetes, Hashimoto and hypertension by solving complex problems starting from basis. It is no longer a problem to have a pandemic, dificulties in travel, weather is stormy or very hot, or how far you are. Moreover, you will be under the close personal care of your doctor for a much more affordable cost with annual contracts for chronic conditions such as diabetes, Hashimoto, endocrine problems in pregnancy.


Do you have a child with hearing impairment, stuck in a dilemma about what to do? Did one physician recommend surgery for a mass in your kidney and another follow-up? There is a problem with your vocal cords, wondering what kind of intervention to take? You don't need to go to another city / country. Competent doctors who can answer many questions like this are just a click away.


In conlusion, "Genuine Medical Consultancy" is here to meet you  with your ideal physician in the comfort of your home.

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